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你 們 好!

 今 天 早 上 我 有 中 文 小 考。我 覺 得 小 考 考 得 不 錯。今 天 下 午 我 想 去 Karma Cafe 因 為 我 想 喝 咖啡 還 是 茶。我 不 想 做 功 課 可 是 我 明 天 做 功 課。我 覺 得 第 八 課 得 很 難 可 是 我 很 喜 歡 中 文 課。

今 天 晚 上 我 想 看 電視。。。True Blood。今 天 Simon 和 Bao Bao 去 Simon 的 工 作。Simon 很 酷! 現 在 我 去 吃 販。。。。太 好 了!在 見!

Yay....I practice! :D 我 很 好 學 生!

Why Hello There.

School and work have been crazy. Maybe I shouldn't be such a perfectionist when it comes to school.....

Yesterday was really relaxing. Even though I wasn't feeling very well that morning, I felt well enough to enjoy the day. It was so beautiful yesterday, I felt like I haven't seen sunlight in ages. Simon and I took a walk to the park with Bao Bao. I think the puppy had a good time....he probably misses having walks. Maybe more walks when it isn't so cold during the day.

I feel really good about my research thesis for my Asian studies class. I'm actually quite excited about writing it....which is pretty surprising to me. I guess I am not as burnt out as I thought :) Next weekend, I am going to go to the library with some friends from class to research. After, we are planning to go to a hot pot restaurant for some delicious lunch. I freaking love hot pot. Seriously.

I have a Chinese quiz tomorrow. I'm not too worried as I always seem to do better than I thought. Chinese is the best class ever. Just saying.

Anyways....I am TIRED. So I am going to eat a sandwich and get ready for wooooork.....I would rather take a nap.

Harry Potter Tonight!!!

 I'm going to see the midnight showing of HBP tonight with Simon :) It feels odd that I won't be with Lauren and my aunt, but I am still excited! I am such a nerd. Apparently there will be 6 showings around midnight at the theatre not too far from the house.....crazy!

It does suck that I have to be at work tomorrow at 8am. Oh well, it's worth it.


70 degrees and cloudy with a slight breeze = perfect reading weather

I start my new job soon....yay!


love, simon

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